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Your SSDI Hearing: How to Prepare to Describe Your Mental Capacity


If you have been denied and now have appealed a claim for Social Security disability benefits, you might be wondering what you can expect when you testify before an administrative law judge about your impairment. The hearing can seem intimidating to many claimants, but it is really not that difficult if you are prepared.

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You will be asked questions about your medical condition and how it impacts your ability to do work-related activities. Your appointed representative will help you prepare for the hearing and explain what the judge will be looking for in your testimony. In particular, you may be asked certain questions if your disability is a mental impairment that primarily impacts your ability to think or mentally process work. You need to be prepared to explain to the judge exactly what you can mentally deal with, and what you cannot because of your impairment.

You may be asked about your ability to understand, remember and carry out simple instructions. This may include your ability to remember locations and work-like procedures. How well do you understand and remember simple instructions? You may be asked about your ability to maintain concentration and attention for extended periods of time (two hours or more), and if you are able to perform activities within a set schedule.

You may be asked if you would be able to handle maintaining regular attendance and be punctual on the job. Can you sustain a normal work routine without significant supervision?

You may also be asked about your ability to work with others, including co-workers and supervisors. Can you ask simple questions if necessary and ask for help? Can you accept instructions and respond gracefully to criticism? Will you be able to get along with your co-workers or peers without obstructing their ability to work, or distracting them? If anything about your work setting changes, can you respond to those changes and adjust appropriately?

It is important that you know how to testify about your impairment and how it impacts your ability to work.  Today may be the time to contact an experienced Social Security disability representative at GENEX for a free initial consultation. Call toll free (866) 930-4988, or use the “Contact Us” option on this page.


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