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Pain: How Does Social Security Evaluate Your Allegations?


Your Statements About Your Pain Must Be Credible!

Back Pain

When filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits, you may wonder how the Social Security Administration will evaluate your claim. A disability representative can help explain to you what your chances are of successfully qualifying for benefits and what the criteria are.

In your claim, you will describe your own physical or mental impairments by elaborating on the symptoms, such as pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. The Social Security Administration will first consider the medical evidence you present as to your medically determinable impairment, and whether it could reasonably be expected to produce your symptoms. Once they determine that it does, Social Security adjudicators will examine the intensity and persistence of your pain and other symptoms to see what impact they have on your ability to engage in gainful work.

The Social Security Administration understands that everyone experiences symptoms differently, and one person may be more impaired than another by the same medical symptoms. If the medical evidence alone does not establish that you are disabled, the Social Security Administration will consider the statements you make about your symptoms because they might suggest that your impairment is more severe than it seems from the evidence.

Your credibility is important. If you make statements about pain and symptoms that are not corroborated by the objective medical evidence, the adjudicator must consider all evidence in your case file, including your own statements, and decide how credible your claims are.

If you have further questions about how to qualify for disability, contact a dedicated disability representative from GENEX Services today. The initial consultation is free of charge. Call 1 (800) 454-4762, or complete our FREE Evaluation Form.


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