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SSDI Continuing Reviews (CDRs) to be Initiated


Once you have been awarded Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will periodically review your medical condition to make sure you continue to meet Social Security’s definition of disability. This review is called a Continuing Disability Review (CDR).

The length of time between disability and medical reviews varies. When a person is initially determined to be disabled, their case is scheduled for a CDR review. The date of the review is established on the following criteria:

1.    Medical Improvement Expected: Approximately 12-18 months after the disability approval.
2.    Medical Improvement Possible: Approximately three (3) years after disability approval.
3.    Medical Improvement Not Expected: From 5-7 years after disability approval.

The Social Security Administration has been facing both mounting workloads and budget restrictions so CDRs have been postponed for most disability beneficiaries. However, Congress has recently budgeted approximately $1.4 billion for program integrity funding, most of which will be used to work on the 1.5 million CDR claims in the current backlog.

SSDI Continuing Disability Reviews
If you are currently receiving SSDI benefits what can you expect?
If you are a younger person (under age 50) with a medical condition that is either expected to improve, or could possibly improve, it is very likely that you will be selected for a full medical review. Social Security will be looking to see what medical evidence is available regarding your condition(s) and will make a determination whether medical improvement has occurred.

If it is determined that medical improvement has occurred, Social Security will contact you by mail to propose cessation and termination of your disability benefits. You may appeal their determination and you may also request benefit continuation during your appeal. Benefit continuation must be requested within 15 days of the date on the notice.

If you receive a Notice of Cessation or Notice of Termination, please contact GENEX Disability for a FREE consultation regarding your appeal and benefit continuation options.


I received SSDI benefits 8-10 and had a full CDR done in 10-11. I was granted continuation of my benefits 2-12. My question is, will the next CDR also be for 18 months, since the first one was? If I am still on the same meds when the CDR was done, do I have to continue going to my doctors monthly/weekly until the next CDR, or will the current meds and seeing a psychologist monthly be enough for the continuation of my SSDI benefits? THANKS.
Posted @ Monday, May 14, 2012 1:24 PM by Karol
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