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Social Security’s Continuing Disability Reviews For SSDI Recipients


Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) should be scheduled for disabled claimants who are currently receiving SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an obligation to reevaluate the medical conditions of those already receiving SSDI benefits to determine if there has been medical improvement. The cases that are scheduled for full medical review are those where medical improvement had previously been determined as “possible”. The volume of claims in the CDR backlog has been increasing annually since 2002. Due to unprecedented numbers of new SSDI applications, SSA staff and resources do not exist to conduct the CDRs, so the backlog continues to increase. The current pending full CDR backlog is estimated at 1.5 million cases.

When SSA resumes working the CDR claims, they will likely determine that a number of claimants have had medical improvement. If that happens, the claimant will receive a Notice of Proposed Termination of SSDI benefits. The claimant then has 15 days to request benefit continuation while they appeal the decision to terminate benefits. If appealed within the 15 days, SSA will continue SSDI benefit payments during the appeal.  SSDI representation may be advantageous for claimants who feel that their condition has not improved sufficiently for them to return to work.

If you have questions regarding Social Security Disability, or if you or someone you know are interested in determining eligibility, or have a question about continued eligibility for SSDI benefits, please contact us today!


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